Network Rail announced the closure dates for all of the signalboxes for the GN (Great Northern area) in 2009, however although some were followed through, many more were cancelled and apart from current resignalling projects, no signalboxes will close under any new resignalling schemes until 2039.

The following signalboxes and Gate boxes and the years of closure are listed below. 

(Note: this list was the original from 2011 and maybe out-of-date)

(*indicates done over a number of years)


West Burton, Gosberton.


Joan Croft, Dormer Green, Balne, Moss, Balne Lowgate, Barcroft, Fenwick, Heyworth, Noblethorpe, Bearty Fen, Blankney, Blotoft, Blue Gowts, Brewery Lane, Cheal Road, Church Lane (Gosberton), Flax Mill, Gainsborough Lea Road, Golden High Hedges, Gosberton, Littleworth, Mill Green, Park Road, Rowston, Saxilby, Scopwick, Sleaford North & South, Spalding, St James Deeping, Stow Park, Sykes Lane, Water Drove, Godnow Bridge, Medge Hall, Bonsall Lane, North Carr.


Beighton Station, Woodburn Jn, Woodhouse Jn.


Appleby, Barnetby East, Brocklesby Jn, Elsham, Wrawby Jn. Newark Castle, Beckingham.


Marsh Jn, Pasture Street, Roxton Sidings, Stallingborough, New Barnetby, Barnsley, Woolley Coal Sidings, Barrow Road Crossing, Barton Road, Bystable Lane, Goxhill, Oxmarsh Crossing, Ulceby Jn, Brigg, Gainsborough Central, Gainsborough Trent Jn, Kirton Lime Sidings, Northorpe, Immingham East, West  & Reception, Lincoln SSC, Swinderby.


Allington, Sheffield PSB, Bounds Green North & South Shunt Boxes, Kings Cross PSB*.


Ancaster, Rauceby, Sleaford East & West, Kings Cross PSB*, Eastfield, Peterborough PSB*, Woodcroft.


Doncaster PSB*, Norton, Bellwater Jn, Heckington, Hubberts Bridge, Sibsey, Skegness, Thorpe Culvert, Wainfleet, West Street Jn, Carlton, Claypole, Grassthorpe, Helpston, Peterborough PSB*, Finningley, Ranskill.


Kings Cross PSB*


Keadby Canal, Scunthorpe PSB, Holton-Le-Moor, Langworth, Wickenby.


Great Coates No.1, Pyewipe Road.


Doncaster PSB*.


Kiveton Park, Worksop PSB*, Thrumpton.


Clipstone, Elmton & Creswell (officially), Maltby Colliery, Norwood, Shirebrook Jn, Thoresby Colliery, Tinsley Yard (officially), Worksop PSB*.

This unprecedented closure list will (along with the rest of the UK) will see the biggest eradication of signalboxes ever seen over a short number of years.

Eventually, there will be just 14 signalboxes covering the whole of the UK, and this well may be decreased in years to come. Railtrack's vision was to have just 3 boxes.

With the closures starting next year, its time to get out your camera and start taking some shots, as these will soon be long gone.

Please note: this list was posted to all boxes concerned a few weeks before it was released, therefore respecting the signallers employed.