Rufford SB was situated across from where the disused Rufford RR is now.


The signalbox was closed 4th July 1981 and control transferred to Mansfield CS SB.

However on the 14th of July 1986 control was transferred to Clipstone West SB by a new panel and Mansfield CS SB was closed too.


Together Rufford SB and Mansfield (CS) SB, were part of many boxes that controlled an array of lines that served five collieries, which were; Mansfield, Rufford, Clipstone, Blidworth & Bilsthorpe.


Today the line is totally closed with probably no chance of revival although Clipstone colliery is yet to be demolished.

The line has been badly vandalised.


The box from a different perspective showing the line to the left into Clipstone Colliery. The lines however were eventually simplified.

The brick building across from the box is the new Relay Room which will inevitably pave the way for its closure and area transferred to Clipstone Signalbox.