Here we have Dinnington junction pictured on a rare snowy day!

The box closed in 1998 under the EROS scheme that would see the token machine replaced (see below) by tokenless block system between Dinnington and Maltby colliery Jn.

The line today is a busy freight only line (usually coal) which runs from Brancliffe East Jn to Doncaster (St Caths Jn). The line is mostly single line but is doubled in places to allow passing of trains.

Thanks to Mick Charlesworth for images top and below.

The signalbox diagram above shows the through route but also shows the line into Dinnigton Colliery above, and also to Thurcroft Colliery below.

One fascinating thing I found out was that the Thurcroft Branch actually went to Thrybergh Jn.

The next picture of a very old map actually backs up this fact.

This is the token machine in use between Dinnington & Maltby Colliery Jn.

And thanks to Chris Booth, here is a picture of one of the tokens.